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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Provost Incident - 9 Steps

The following is a post from Behind The Green Oval describing the incident with the AUB Provost Ahmad Dallal. It is rumored that there are other photos and videos showing the provost actually hitting the students; these videos will be posted here once/if they surface.

Protest Rawr
Step 1: Activists gather under college hall


Step 2:Activists push someone down
Provost Dallal
Step 3: Provost Dallal - Enter Scene -
Provost Dallal
Step 4: Provost Dallal - Monologue -
Step 5: Provost entices protestors. Activists engage.
Step 6: Organizers attempt to protect Dallal
Step 8: Provost pushes Organizer
Provost Dallal
Step 9: Provost pushes other organizer

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